God is Working in Northwest Arkansas

RF-blogThe following is a letter sent to our Cross Church Family yesterday evening. I’m sharing it here because we would like to ask the Body of Christ to pray along with the First Baptist Church of Siloam Springs and Cross Church as we seek the Lord’s direction for the future.

Dear Cross Church Family,

Tonight in a called business session, the Vision Team of the First Baptist Church of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, recommended to their church that they join the Cross Church family and become Cross Church Siloam Springs.

After working for two years as their church-elected and appointed Vision Team, these seven laypeople are convinced from their study, research, and prayer, this is the Lord’s will for their church.

Printed in an open letter to their congregation, their formal recommendation states:

The 2020 Vision Team recommends that First Baptist Church of Siloam Springs merge with Cross Church of Northwest Arkansas to become Cross Church Siloam Springs, dissolving our current constitution, rendering all assets to Cross Church of Northwest Arkansas, and uniting with Cross Church to more effectively reach Northwest Arkansas, America, and the World for Jesus Christ.

In May, their Vision Team reached out to us regarding their desire. On May 31 and again on June 6, three members of our Leadership Team accompanied me in extensive meetings with their team. This moved us to immediate action with our own Board of Directors and Leadership Team, prayerfully considering what this would mean for the Cross Church Family. Additionally, much time has been spent on what this means legally, financially, and missionally.

Unquestionably, we are enthusiastic about this possibility that came to us in an unexpected manner. We have had the desire to begin a campus in Siloam Springs for many years, but the timing and situation have never been right. Since their Vision Team came to us, we have been responsive to their requests. Our team has done an outstanding job in trying to answer their questions, which led to their Vision Team’s recommendation to their church. I believe our team has also done our due diligence to discover if this is a wise decision for Cross Church.

For the next twenty-one days, their Vision Team will be entering a strong season of prayer and fasting with their entire church, the First Baptist Church of Siloam Springs. Together, they are walking through this season of prayer to discern and determine their future as a church.

On Sunday, August 27, after question and answer sessions with their fellowship, and more importantly, their twenty-one-day season of seeking the Lord’s will, First Baptist Church of Siloam Springs will vote on this proposal immediately following their morning worship service. If there is a positive response on that day and the recommendation is approved, we will begin a transition period of preparation and training, with a launch date of the merger slated for January 2018.

Cross Church Family, our desire is to inform you of their vision and call upon each of us to pray for this dear church family as they prayerfully come to a decision regarding this outstanding opportunity for the Kingdom of God to be advanced in Northwest Arkansas. Together as one, we could more readily Reach Northwest Arkansas, America, and the World for Jesus Christ.

Praying for Siloam Springs and Northwest Arkansas,

Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd
Senior Pastor

P.S. For information about First Baptist Church of Siloam Springs, you can go to their website at www.fbcsiloam.com.

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